About Dan "Big Cat" Katz

Dan "Big Cat" Katz, also known as BarstoolBigCat, started working at Barstool in 2012. Through relentless blogging and podcasting, Dan, along with the other original members of the company, helped grow Barstool Sports under Dave Portnoy to the point where it was purchased, and moved to New York City in 2016. Dan's influence has been all over Barstool Sports for the past decade, most notably as the co-host of the number 1 sports podcast, Pardon My Take with PFT Commenter.

Dan’s daily life is as simple as it gets. He wakes up, drinks coffee, works, parents his three kids, and then gambles on sports way too late into the night, which means he needs more coffee the next morning. Rinse and repeat forever. Living the Dream.