Cold Brew Sampler
Cold Brew Sampler
Cold Brew Sampler
Cold Brew Sampler
Cold Brew Sampler
Cold Brew Sampler
Cold Brew Sampler
Cold Brew Sampler
Cold Brew Sampler

Cold Brew Sampler

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  • A portion of proceeds from every Stella Blue Coffee purchase benefits PAWS Chicago.
  • Plastic
  • BPA-free & dishwasher safe

About our Cold Brew Sampler

Bundle Includes:
1x - Big Cat Blend Cold Brew
1x - Electric Ave Cold Brew
1x - Stella Blue Cold Brew Mason Jar

Big Cat Blend is a balanced medium roast featuring notes of sweet fruitiness and smooth nuttiness. This roast is dialed to exceed your expectations cup, after cup, after cup. Let’s get to the point, if you're still reading this, you've wasted precious time that you should be using to drink this coffee.

Electric Avenue Dark Roast will bring the energy at any time of day. It’s roasted perfectly to emphasize full-bodied flavors of rich, dark chocolate and subtle smokiness. In other words, it's good coffee, drink it.

Mason Jar
Capacity: 16 oz
Materials: Glass

How To Brew
- Fill pitcher with 8 cups (64oz) of water
- Add 2 pitcher packs and steep in fridge for 8-12 hours
- Remove pouches. Add water if desired and enjoy
* For smaller batch, use 4 cups (32oz) of water per pitcher pack

Dog shelters + Stella Blue logo
Stella Blue Coffee has joined PAWS Chicago in its mission to save homeless pets.

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